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Students Build New Osprey Platform in Manhasset Bay

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Mayor Barbara Donno joined students from Schreiber High School to install a new osprey nest platform in Manhasset Bay. Members of the Schreiber Treehuggers Environmental Club (Kim Winter, Tessa Peierls, Allison Winter, Brittany Taylor, Jamie Littman and Julie Barbieri), Schreiber’s Zoology Class (Parker Meyer, Andrew Apicos and Adian Apicos) and Volunteers for Wildlife (Jim Jones) built the new platform as a replacement for one that washed away. The students helped secure the new platform just in time for the seasonal return of the ospreys to our area. The platform can be seen from North Plandome Road across from the Science Museum of Long Island. The Village of Plandome Manor would like to thank all the students and volunteers who helped make sure these remarkable birds could return home to Manhasset Bay once again.

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