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The Village of Plandome Manor

The Village of Plandome Manor was incorporated in 1931. Matthias Nicoll, an early mayor of New York City and among the first generation of the Nicoll family on Long Island, built one of the first homes here in 1674.
Frances H. Burnett, author of The Secret Garden, built her home, “Fairseat”, in Plandome Park in 1908, and lived there until her death in 1924. Her son, Vivian, and his wife Constance, had built a home nearby on Bayview Road. Frances Burnett’s nephew, publisher Archer P. Fahnestock moved into Fairseat after her death.

• Archer P. Fahnestock (1873–1939), journalist, manufacturer, inventor, President: Fahnestock Electric Co.
• Benjamin Henry (B.H.) Inness-Brown (1878-1957), Attorney, First Mayor of Plandome Manor, Editor of The Harvard Law Review
• Ellis L. Phillips (1874–1959), engineer, co-founder and first President: Long Island Lighting Company.
• Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849–1924), playwright, author, wrote The Secret Garden while living in Plandome Manor.
• Frank H. Brunell (1852-1933), Baseball executive, sports writer, founder of the Daily Racing Form
• Hank Bjorkland (1950), NFL player for the NY Jets from 1972 to 1974, retired to attend law school
• Hugh Alwyn Inness-Brown, Sr. (1891-1972), New York Publisher and Journalist, Founder: Trade Publications, Inc
• John Hay Whitney (1904–1982), U.S. Ambassador, publisher, horse breeder, socialite
• Leroy Grumman (1895–1982), Co-Founder, Grumman Aerospace Corp.
• Martin W. Littleton (1872–1934), Brooklyn Congressman, D.A. and Borough President, attorney for Harry Thaw’s 2nd trial for murder of Stanford White
• Matthias Nicoll (1630–1687), Mayor of New York 1672-1674, Speaker of the first Colonial Assembly
• Raoul H. Fleischmann (1885-1969), an heir of Fleischmann’s Baking Products, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of ‘The New Yorker’ magazine
• Ray Bolger (1904–1987), Actor (The Wizard of Oz)
• Virginia Portia Royall Inness-Brown (1901–1990), Proponent of the Arts, socialite
• Warner M. Leeds (1868–1925), President, American Tin-Plate Company
• Willard Mullen (1939-1978), famous dean of sport cartooning, drew nearly 7,000 cartoons for Scripps-Howard’s lead newspaper, the New York World Telegram and Sun. Most famous for the cartoon “Brooklyn Bum.”
• William Fellowes Morgan, Jr. (1889-1977), Commissioner of the Dept. of Markets of the City of New York

1674- land deed to Capt. Matthias Nicolls: Manor House and structures such as a salt-box cottage, stable, hut where iron-forging was done, long low woodshed, 35’ well, smokehouse and powder magazine are still standing. Located at 1257 Plandome Rd.
1693- The Plandome Mill located at 3 Water Lane.
A wing of the original mill is attached to a home at 1 Water Lane and is used as a family room.
1710- Richard Thompson shipped a New England house in by barge to the Plandome Filed and Marine Club in the 1920’s. The house is located at 149 Circle Dr.
1830- Old miller’s house located at 2 Water Lane.
1901- Frank H. Brunell House
1906- Herbert S. Houston House.
1907- Moffet House, later named Elysian Hill by Wm. F Morgan, located at 1 Morgan Ct.
1910- Vivan Burnett House named “Bentleigh” (28 Bayview Rd.)
1910- Archer Fahnstock, (1 Bayview Rd.), Mrs. Stanely Farms.
1910- August J. Janssen House (285 Stonytown Rd.)
1926- Ellis Phillips’ Laurimore (107 Bayview Rd.)
1927- Raoul Fleischmann House (6 Gulls Cove.)
1928- Whitney Boathouse (95 Lake Rd.)

The Village of Plandome Manor recognizes and commends the unique history shared amongst our homes. In order to illustrate our pride in our history we need the help of our residents. Therefore, we are always willing to accept any additional information or items that embraces our Village’s historical significance. Please contact us if you have any information you would like to share with us!

The Village Of Plandome Manor